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The medium is the massage.

The medium is the massage.

 As for the study on mass media such as TV, the most familiar book to the public is <Understanding Media> by Mashall Mcluhan. Mcluhan took a perspective that new environment was to be socially created when technology was developed. All the cultures rely on technical features of dominating media in the relevant era. Seeing as how features of dominant and major media in each era regulate the culture, in other words, message, he insisted that ‘media is the message.’ It is that a medium such as TV is not a mere tool for conveying the message, but a medium serves as a distinct role of message. It warns how humans do not simply watch TV but, TV dominates the awareness of humans. This is relevant to a phenomenon of how ‘putting the cart before the horse.’ Seen in this perspective, medium is not a specific target but an expended existence of humans and also serves as a role of regulating the individual awareness and social relationship at the same time. He insisted that media served as a role of massaging a particular area of human brain deriving them to come up with specific way of thinking and behavioral patterns.

TV is still exerting an influential power on daily lives of people in modern era even though Internet is currently serving as an important role of conveying information in the informatized society. Most of the information on portal site, a gateway to access to Internet, is provided by previous media such as TV or newspaper. Hairstyle or clothes of celebrities on TV tend to make a national vogue within several weeks. People tend to regard reports from TV news as a truth without doubt. TV drama beloved by the public create ups and downs in the emotion of housewives.   

Dallas Smyth more actively criticized on TV through ‘Audience Commodity.’ He focused on analysis for problems of TV advertisements insisting that ‘publisher sold books to audiences, TV broadcasting network sold audiences to advertisers.’ What does this mean? How audiences become an item sold out to advertiser?

Major profits in TV are from advertisement. Advertisement expense is completely determined in proportion with ratings. Therefore, broadcasting network is in continuous competition for ratings to produce more of profits. Broadcasting network creates programs with higher ratings and receives expense advertisement fees by using them. Seen in this perspective, it is said that audiences are sold out to advertisers.

However, it requires much more than higher ratings. In the perspective of advertiser, economic status of audiences as well as ratings in the program is important. For example, advertising luxury cars fails if major target of audiences for the program are working classes. Therefore, TV broadcasting network plans and airs programs that groups of audience with economic power in social status higher than working classes most likely watch. This is why main characters in the drama are involved in a professional career such as doctor, professor, or designer, or entrepreneurs. In addition, it is related to preference of working classes as to why apartments larger than 40py or expensive antique furniture shown as a prop are used as a background of drama.      

According to Mcluhan, audiences are not a passive item but an existence working for advertisers to have what they want to purchase. Audiences pioneer the consumables and service market to be provided to them. They serve as a role of actively advertising the relevant items when people wear a certain type of clothes or ride on vehicles. For example, certain textbooks used at preparatory academy made the greatest hit since the size of them was too large to be carried in a bag. What was it? Since they were too big to be put in a bag requiring a student to carry it in hands, it is relevant to where students become a moving advertisement sign walking around the street at that time. 

As pointed by them, TV might serve as a role of making humans as a consuming machine without critical mind over enriched amount of spirit or artistic impression. Without having them notified how they became an item sold out to advertiser, they were in a delusion as if they selected programs and enjoyed leisure in a certain way. As a result, humans might be collectively trained to have a non-critical and system-maintaining preference without building critical perspective on society.   



Is the communication an instinct of human?

You began to communicate with others as a child able to express his/her intention though he/she cannot perceive the notion of death. Thereafter, you confirm your identity continuously through communication with someone. However, it is hard to perceive that everyone will be confronted by death. Actually, in other words, you communicate with others endlessly to avoid the fear of death. Germany’s famous philosopher Wilhelm Flusser described the follwing in his book ‘Kommunikologie.’ Human communication is not a natural and instinctive behavior such as natural body languages (by moving tail or other body parts that represents infestation in indicating food location) of insects such as bees or ants but made intentionally and repeatedly to adapt to the society after born in the terrain It may be interpreted as a communication to forget that they are only lonely existence facing death and to demonstrate himself/herself. Contrast to the natural communication of insects, it is an artificial behavior. Therefore, he considered communication in an image of connecting thread (just as the primitive form of telephone consisted of two paper cups and thread) or a piece of fabric, well woven with crossing opinions, conversations, and arguments It can be an alternative form of giving and taking, or it may be a unilateral action of the fixed listener and talker. Communication is not confined in wording and writing but open to diverse media such as body language, facial expression, eye contact, and other forms of delivering message. The format is by no means critical. The communication described by Wilhelm Flusser is defined as an artificial mean of fulfilling survival instinct as a social member throughout his or her lifecycle.

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing

Written by Peter Jenny

Subject of my art work is “communication”. Firstly, I search the meaning of “communication” for dictionary .Communication (from Latin commūnicāre, meaning “to share” ) is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or more living creatures.

Among that meanings,writing:Letter and signal evoke my inspiration of my art works.This book, Figure Drawing,  make me fulfill such my demands.

Basically,this book of contents suggests conceals ;abstracts and it remains intentionally metaphorical in the representation of human body,teaching the way to see diverse stuff with open mind,which is categorized in 22 different groups. Among them, two sections linked with my subject are introduced in here,my blog.

LETTER, The alphabet offers a set of forms that can be used for more than just written communication

UNCOVER : SIGNAL:PATTERN, Strains,jumbles of lines, and amorphous patterns entice us to create order.

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Published by The Museum of Modern Art and Philadelphia Museum of Art

Edited by Anne D’Harnoncourt and Kynaston Mcshine

Leonardo Da Vinci, Cezanne, or Picasso? Who is most famous artist in western art history? It could be all three of them. However, at after 20th century, so as in age of modern art, the Marcel Duchamp is one of most famous and important artist. There are all kinds of extraordinary works of art of him, and one of most famous work is Fountain. As you see, this work is man‘s urinal. Will this art? So to speak conclusion first, the answer is “Yes”.

Let’s take a look one by one, how could this urinal be a art work. In 1917, this work exhibited at Salon des Artistes Independents hosted the United States independence artist association. This work was enough to be the talk of the town as it is now. At fist time, this work flatly refused to exhibit from the host, because this work can be seen for fun. Even though, in Salon des Artistes Independents, anyone can participated in if they pay exhibition expense 6 million dollars, after long discussion, operation committee member decide that this work is not for Salon des Artistes Independents.(In 1917, this first work remain just as picture by photographer whose name is Stieglitz, second one is in 1951, and Third 8 works that ordered as limited edition remain until now.) Duchamp signed ‘R. MUTT 1917 in urinal, instead of his name, R. MUTT is the name of manufacturer of lavatory products who made this urinal.

Duchamp hide himself completely, because the only thing he does that he gets existing urinal, signed it and he turn that in, so we can not blame him. Prior to this, Duchamp already has done his work that he does not make it by himself. These are Bottle Rack in 1915 and the work name of “In Advance of the Broken Arm.” The one is as it says wine bottle rack and the other one is big spade when you shovel the snow. Urinal, bottle rack, and snow spade are mass-produced ready- made goods from the factory.

Duchamp put ready made goods as a work of art after he sign on goods. The fact that ready made goods has some artist’s signature, that means common subjects move to art area. The role of traditional artist is that reproducing some subjects or situations as realistically. However, after Duchamp’s attempt, now artist does not remain just reproducing, artist being dispread that they has to speak and suggest actively.

Once we step into the 20 century , art field was changed due to appearance of Marcel Duchamp. Before Marcel Duchamp, artists just revive situation and objects with painting and sculpture in their art works. However, after Marcel Duchamp, art works do not reappear as traditional and direct of painting and sculpture any more, but actively suggest. It means that the creative act is not performed by the artist alone. Artist and viewer has to be together, and because of that communication can be possible. In other words, the age that artist and viewer can communicate with art work as a media, opened.

Let’s back to Fountain. Fountain has shape that man’s urinal lay down at an angle of 90 degree on the pedestal. Regarding this way, Duchamp identify ready made products with the statue. Also, he puts urinal on the pedestal, and tries to look like as statue. On statue, pedestal is tool that like the frame in painting that make art work more like artistic. More over, Duchamp raises a question about some specific area exhibition center. When urinal is in the toilets, it works good as it is, however when urinal is in the exhibition center, with artist signature on it, people thinks differently. In other words, viewer regard urinal as an art work. Interesting points in here, if we

drop the prejudice about urinal, and just look as a object, it could be seen attractive. Just do not think function of urinal, and take a look as essential form of object. Smooth surface and soft curves evoke massing, and it is enough attractive and comparable to fair free-from sculpture.

Duchamp has already known all about that. This is provocative problem presentation about institutionalized and formatted art system. Get out of shown on art, require of communication between artist and viewer. What is art and what is not art? I admire Duchamp’s informal idea that incapacitate formatted art system. His talented imagination verger modern art’s spectrum to infinity.