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Most effective narrative art

Storyteller by Walter Benjamin

Storyteller by Walter Benjamin

The issue dealt with in this article is how the story culture became degenerated in modern society where experience was functionalized. Reduction of story culture means that an ability of exchanging the experience is being deteriorated. I sometimes realize how most of the subjects in the communication with the senior or my parents dealt with contents of enlightenment and also with funny episodes derived from personal experience based on the history of contemporary era that could not be seen in the history book on sales at book stores. In addition, I found myself indirectly experiencing the situations shown in the story and preparing my heart ready to hear about what I did not experience before in the discourse shared with my peers or those younger than me. Hereupon, storytellers memorize the stories they experienced in person or heard about from others in a form of fantasy conveying them to audiences. In addition, authors are separated from readers, while storytellers communicate with audiences in person. Therefore, sharing stories with audiences is of a new physical experience. Stories hereto are communicated through bodies of storyteller that the medium of discourse is the human body.

Novel is regarded as a sign that oral culture is degenerated. As it is distributed in the form of book, authors and readers are separated from each other. Novels are an outcome of experience that is near to an object shared by thoughts of an individual. Therefore, audiences and readers reflect an alienated existence but not share their own experience. As for another example, many of other media conveying much of information (newspaper, movie, and broadcasting) only deliver the value of information in an instantaneous moment but cannot reinterpret or reproduce the meaning. Types of communication available only in the instantaneous moment are non-persistent, but stories are not consumable or perishable but maintain the survival power. 

Discourses are closely related to stories of storyteller. They are left on the trace of storytellers in any form. When storytellers select media in a form different from their physical bodies (delineation of the stories on the canvas as a drawing in case of fine artists), speaker’s narration must be directly expressed to have a face-to-face effect on the discourse. Furthermore, an effort on participation of both narrators and audiences is inevitable in the discourse.  




How to use brain? = How to communicate,using brain?

<Lucy> is a movie inquiring about the existence of humans. In some sense, life is regarded to go towards the death as soon as it is created. What matters to such a life in existence?

As you become aware of death as an individual who is capable of raising the question, “Where am I from?” What would be your answer to the question as a human? That may include your bucket list.  In other words, against the situation of “To be or not to be?” we become thoughtful to distinguish what kinds of things we have to do first and what are the most important ones? We establish a plan to fulfill the list. Does the list include extraordinary ones you wished to have in your life such as hosting a fancy party or eating special food or visiting tourist attraction? I don’t think so. You may want to deliver a message as the last communication with your family, friends, and related persons that have established a relationship with you in a way or another based on your routine perspectives of life. Confronting death, everybody wants to have a feeling of being alive, checking his/her position in the society repeatedly. Moreover, they become desperate to grasp the amount of time before death while trying to communicate with others to confirm the values of their lives. In conclusion, people want to transform the fear of death into the feeling of being alive.



All history has beginning. As usual everyone, from the moment when someone was born, human being stars to make their own history. One of the most important methods in human life that can make accomplishment, carry one and maintain is communication. Then, what is communication?

Before we talk about method communication, real social meaning, and problems, we need to think about origin of communication. Means that the method for an intangible, communication can make relationship constantly between two organism. Communication can be determined as a chain that likes a combination of fine material for a long time.

The human being has lived making history with other organism in the same space and connected to each other with communication, since when the birth of Earth. As phrase from the movie Interstellar, be alive is making story between stating point that you cannot remember and the end that no one knows. Our life stars from continuous communication and lives with communication and also ends with it.

Let’s compare with communication that making something form nothing and creating organism such as could, mountains, bird and so on, from none of space suddenly comes out. In the intangible chaos can creative anything, same as communication can combine anything depending on whether you have direction. And communication is basic source of making tangible relationship of all kinds of organism like human and human, nature and human,

After all, communication is essential method in human life that can make our human life as an one organism as a various intangible method. One of representative communication method is sound and letter, something signal can be one of it.

Out communication can spread to everywhere with many kinds of methods, letters and signal, and help establishment of self, and with each ego gather can be a big human society.