Freud Museum in London

Freud Museum in London

There are big and small museums all over in old city London. There is big and famous museum, such as the British Museum, and some museum for one great man, like Hendel and Dickens. These museum remodel great man’s house where they lived, in the museum, there are furniture, clothes, books, hats, and even one single pen with great care that great man used during his life.

Like these kinds of museum, there is a psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud’s(1856~1939) museum. This museum is hided in Northern London Hampstead where reside lots of scholars and writers. Freud spends most of time in Austria, Wien, however he passes ways in London. A Jew Freud, Austria was occupied by Nazi annexation of Austria in his latter years, he comes to England as an exile with forgetting his old age, when he was eighties. England greets him showing clear signs of illness because of more than 30 times of cancer of the mouth surgeries. He spends his last one year in London, and he passes away at Maresfield 20th street, The museum is located in this Maresfield 20th street.

In his house, there are lots of antiques he collected in his life from Egypt, China, and Greece. And also there are, books, desk, and a luxury couch that patients can lay down when they get psychoanalyst treatment from him. On the wall, fusain drawing from dali is hanging and on the first floor desk, you can see round glasses he used. It looks like he was just there until a few minutes ago, writing something on his desk.

Sigmund Freud(May 6th 1856~ September 23th 1929)is a doctor of psychiatrist, neurologist, philosopher and the founding father of psychoanalysis. He is famous for creating theory of unconscious suppression defence mechanism and also creating clinical that cure psychopathology with having conversation with patients. Freud begins to use hypnosis in his clinical work, he finds out hypnosis is not necessary to many subject and he gives up this way. And instead of that, he cure his patients with having conversation with them. This treatment is well know as talking cure and finally goal of this treatment which is conversation is that solve the patient’s strong feeling energy in unconscious.

Like this, Freud called the feeling that patients deny it “suppression” and he thinks, this can harm to consciousness normal function, and even more harm to physical function. And he explains this one as a psychosomatic disorder. The term of “arts of conversation” is made from Anna O. who is patient of his co-worker Josef Breuer. This “arts of conversation” is widely considered in foundation of Freudianism.

I paint most of my art work with communication and also insist about importance of communication, Freud’s life and his Freudianism research are very interested in to me. I know seriousness in human life when there are no conversation and communication. And also I can tell, communication is the best way to cure mental patient. Freud Museum give me chance to learn about importance of true inner communication among the people and let me know the answer about what is the origin of human existence.

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