Balance-Lizzie Prentis


Wood & Metal mixed sculpture

Lizzie Prentis

 Once we step into the 20 century , art  field was changed due to appearance of Marcel Duchamp.Before Marcel Duchamp, artists just revive situation and objects with painting and sculpture in their art works. However,after Marcel Duchamp, art works do not reappear as traditional and direct of painting and sculpture any more, but actively suggest. It means that the creative act is not performed by the artist alone.

Let me introduce about one artist, Lizzie Prentis participated at our group in Chelsea collage as a stage 1 student. She is always interested in subject “Balance”

First of all,  we need to search Balance meaning.

Balance – a state in which weight is distributed every enabling a person or thing to remain steady and upright. -a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions : elections left the political balance almost unchanged. -mental or emotional stability.

Artist, Lizzie Prentis, expresses blue color as a baby boy and red one as a baby girl, which is currently her concerning. Through two different opposite colors and materials: wood and metal, she suggest divers way of balance.  As I upper said, since different people have different view based on their history of life, each spectator can have different point of view about art works. Thus, for me, her art work is enough to arouse my nationality.

It would be small surprise that her art work is more familiar to me. Basically, I am Korean. Here, Korea flag is.

Korean National Flag – Taegeukgi

원형리정(元亨利貞)은 곧 나고(生), 자라고(長), 거두고(斂), 저장하는(藏) 순환을 의미.

원 – 건괘 – 하늘(天), 봄(春), 동(東), 인(仁)

형 – 이괘 – 해(日), 여름(夏), 남(南), 예(禮)

이 – 곤괘 – 땅(地), 가을(秋), 서(西), 의(義)

정 – 감괘 – 달(月), 겨울(冬), 북(北), 지(智) 

According to an expert, Korean flag is most scientifically and philosophically meaningful flag in the world especially, containing meaning of  Balance. The taegeuk mark located in middle of flag as a circle divided into two color: red and blue represents the harmony of yin and yang, which is the origin of all things in the universe. The four corners each have a trigram in them. The trigrams are meant to represent the four elements of heaven, sun, earth and moon ; spring, summer, autumn and winter; east, south, west and north; humanity ,faith, politeness and knowledge, respectively. All these parts make up the Taegeukgi.

Another point of view, personally I think her art work seems like an ax, expressing two opposite part of alive and dead of human life with a judging line, as if Keen-edged  ax as cold blue with metal cuts the life as hot red.

More interestingly, by expending perspective, my subject,communication, is base on  balance meaning when it comes to equilibrium between people with conversation so I feel this art work is more approachable with me.

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