Daily Archives: November 3, 2013




For finding answer.

Recently, I really wonder about how to develop and  create my art work with Pattern and signal because a range of  my subject of art work,communication, include pattern,letter and signal. Especially, I wonder  how properly  I  can create to  harmonize with human feature and pattern or signal within one art work.  I try to many kinds of different ways, among them ,today, I decide to visit SAATCHI GALLERY because recently, here,SAATCHI GALLERY, exhibit divers painting including installation ,sculpture and video woks.

In this exhibition term, SAATCHI GALLERY contains 15 different sections of  galleries, among them, 4 galleries( from gallery 11 to gallery 14) consist of  contemporary art works based on Britain today’nature  of 17 members young UK artists. Some of art works inspired me to create pattern, signal and letter so I tried to take a picture with me and art works together.

And then, my new interesting trial as which I took a picture with human and art works including art space kept going in another room of galleries.

Everything including all people, exists only through relationships with other people or things with communication. Nothing exists in isolation or absolute independence.