Han River Project

Han River Project (3’26’’)

Han River Project

   Han River Project Public information image at Han River’s civic group

           <Image Project>

Director : Dong-Eun LEE

Name of Project :Change of writing in Chinese characters in Han river

Run time : About 3 minutes

Use : Opening image for discussion seminar

Purpose of project : With image, it can be a very effective way for the opening of discussion seminar. This seminar is about movement that change the symbol of Korean national identity Han river’s orthography to 漢江 → 韓江

Way of image production : Suggest rights for change 漢江 to 韓江 and in order to look back our national indemnity, emphasize the Korean historical side.

Content :

1. 漢城 → 首, 漢江 → 韓江

-Change Han Sung to Seoul, Changing and rewriting Han river to Han(韓) river represent the rights.


2. Are we the Korean race or the Chinese minority races among the more than 50 races?

Why do we still use Han river as a 漢江, even Han river was an living base after the period of the three states?

-Questionize and then conclude(covey the strong meaning with sound effect and caption)


3. Han river is our living base after the period of three states

* Cultual side: Apgujeoung, to Han nam through beautiful Han river, there are lots of works

– Image documenting about Korean poem of old artiest and Han river

* Economic sid : After the period of three states, Han river provide the economic development with water traffic

– Image of historic material date of Han river water traffic

* Historical side: As all world new cultual stats near the big river, our national history which is the period of the three states stats near the Han river. Every past countries’s raise and fall was depends on the area of Han river and inform the importance of Han river and historical meaning

– Show the view of Han river from past to now.


4. Even South Korea is in a Chines cultural are, Korea create the best letter Han Gul in the world. like this, with our spirit and root, Korea has to re-order the way of write Han River and fix Korean’s wrong history(Korea is the part of chinese).

– Conclusion : Image filming about move the Turtle ship from Icheon prot to Tongyeoung at November 9th. (Re open the ship’s course from Han river to the western sea course in 50 years)


5. 漢江 → 韓江

– Maximize the conclusion with sound effect and caption

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