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Karen Kilimnik

Karen Kilimnik


During my college year, I had a lot of fun things, above all, I would say the one of the most valuable and precious thing was tutorial time. Through this time, most of students included me, could learn and ask any questions to them during their art works and tutors gave us counsel and suggestion of direction at the same time. Moreover, they gave us information about students did not recognize. When I had fist tutorial, I got suggestion about association and possibility between my career works and Duchamp‘s works which completed ready-made concept. Because of tutorial, I was convinced about my significant college life. At my second tutorial, tutor told me that I should study about Karen Kilimnik. While I studied her works, I was so pleasure that I almost cry out.

Let me talk about her briefly. She became famous artist in New-York, Zurich, and Dublin with her exhibitions not in France and other Europe Countries. She refereed freely to the not only modern art, but paintings from past great man such as Constable, Reynold, and Goya. Also she referred to the culture, music, ballet, and decorative art. Futhermore, she was inspired by children’s story or fairy tale, legend, and modern pop culture’s icon for her works. Her installation work that was strongly reminiscent of very decorative stage for a play, was a combination of drawing of painting, picture, light, and sound. Her work received both reviews as neo-Romanticism and neo-Kitsch, at the same time.

Her traditional paintings genre, such as, portrait, indoor pictures, landscape, and still-life painting. are consisted with fantastic and romantic images. In her works, these kinds of images and stereotype, for example, historical figure, Hollywood stars, fictional characters from literatures and television, English house surrounded by grassland, and France country house is located in Loire and Fontainebleau Forest, are coexisted.

Her works, freewheelingly deal with anachronism and genre formation as little bit rudeness method, expressed criticism about our generation mass media’s brevity with contrast incompatible things such as, ordinary and strange, highbrow arts and pop culture, reality and fiction, and original and duplication or copy.

As I see world of her works, I was easy to find connection between mobile phone work. one of parts of mass communication system, and my work that draw picture with a lots kinds of pictorial expression of inside of communication theme. Like my tutor’s advice for my work, my works had always same expression mode as a romantic drawing, or the frame that very familiar, looks like on frame of the commercial. All things taken together, tutor’s suggestion about studying Karen Kilimnik was very thankful to me.

More funny thing is the are that her works reached. In 2011, she was in charge of l’Opéra de Paris stage art, It reminded my stage art work that I have done few years ago. Me and her had different expression method and subject, however we had similarity that challenging to solve many kinds of problems based on interest of mass media.

One more similarity with Karen Killmnik with me is energy. she has energy that she can handle tradition ways sweetly with diversity of many kinds of media outlets.