Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik was interested in the method of communication and historical change and he was also pay attention to the fact that new technology can change of human environment and also can change communication between human and human. As a title of exhibition “From to Christo”, this is his one of his writing title on 1981. In this writing, he predicts after generation of television and video and he insists that real communication method can be strength of sprit such as telepathy. You can find his intention constantly from his video art work and drawing that he gave to his real friend with his heart.

Nam June Paik _No title_1984_50x37cm_

From his first section “words, village, and heart”, you can see the journey of human civilization that change from the time with no boundary between transportation and method of communication to the age of internet as he says “electronic speed highway”. He makes his art work with insight of human civilization that communicates each other with basic method of communication words, many kinds of letters.

Nam June Paik_TV Buddha_Mixed Media_1974(2002) ⓒ Nam June Paik Estate

Nam June Paik_Rabbit in the moon_ TV_1996 ⓒ Nam June Paik Estate

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