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There was a group project in the 2 stage student class. Each of the students represents their own theme of work, and students with common aspects in the theme are grouped together for the project studying and researching about the common theme. The theme of project I belong to became autoethnography after much trial and error. The definition of it from the dictionary is as follows. 

Autoethnography is a form of self-reflection and writing that explores the researcher’s personal experience and connects this autobiographical story to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings. It differs from ethnography —a qualitative research method in which a researcher uses participant observation and interviews in order to gain a deeper understanding of a group’s culture— in that autoethnography focuses on the writer’s subjective experience rather than, or in interaction with, the beliefs and practices of others. As a form of self-reflective writing, autoethnography is widely used in performance studies, as a method in living educational research and English.(From Wikiped)

An English anthropologist named Bronislaw Malinowski has established the autoethnography in 1915 that combined ethnography, a branch of anthropology, with the local field investigation and autobiography as a participating observation. Bronislaw is a method entering to a particular society to study for the next few years learning their language and culture and recording the data of study subject vividly on the video film or photos without biased thought after serving as a role of observers. Observers participate in the study directly that diary or autobiography recorded with their thoughts while participating in the community are left on the study materials. Furthermore, the usage of machine, camera, or recorder vividly recording the facts was a common method on the autoethnography to minimize position of observers.   

It is literally auto + ethnography. 

Based on aspect of Autoethnography, I think that these days, the most popular interpersonal communication tools is mobile phone that realize personal mobile telecommunication. The mobile phone already more than just communication, as a name of convergence, mobile phone absorb MP3, internet, and pretty much all the field, like a black hole and running ahead in order to be an all purpose tool. Then, what is mobile phone for human being in the age of mobile phone and the age of digital convergence with mobile phone. Does human being communicate each other more than past? And is this real communication to human being and make them happy?

As all roads lead to Rome, these days all roads lead to mobile phone. How can we make mobile communication as a place for true communication that realize humanism and in the future, what kinds of device and phenomenons come out and develop or un develop the communication?

Like this, I am so interested in communication between people, the human communication history, from human use body language and communicate with primitive language, to human communicate with mobile phone called Homo Mobilicus I am not going to express these communication history just like now days painting techniques. I am going to try and express the communication history with performance, installation, and image using digital technology. With these my attempt and new way to express my feelings, my finally goal and assignment is that make more place for a true communication.