Picasso museum in Spain

Picasso museum in Spain

People including children or those without any of background knowledge in the field of fine art usually mention Picasso as the greatest artist in modern art. However, when they are asked about why Picasso is the greatest artist on his work, they provide various answers such as modern art, abstract image, or drawing that anyone can create that are not quite understandable. However, people still ask a question about what is really a modern art. This is because everyone agrees that Picasso is the father of abstract modern fine art but was suspicious at least once as to how great Picasso’s works were in the past. The internationally well-recognized fine artist Picasso born in Spain created many of fine art works during his life time. After his 20s, he had already established the concept of currently-used abstract fine art. Unlike Picasso Museum in France that still possesses almost all the works from the post-generation of Picasso, this place converted as a museum from his work place in Spain collects all the courses as to how still-life images, landscape, and figure painting people are familiar with were changed into abstract painting style. Looking closely at every stage of courses, it is feasible to identify how Picasso created the concept of abstract painting that was outstanding enough for him to be called as the father of modern art. Starting from Picasso, modern art has been developed by many of the artists. Inquiry of how to accept modern fine art is in the same context of how much to understand the modern fine art works and enjoys them in the gallery.

Culture is sometimes referred to as life styles of human being. Above all, art is one of sort of culture reflected preference that human being look for a better life. So, you can find reason in the art about desire of better life and effort of faithful to that desire. However, modern art is not confined to seek simple beauty. Here is one question. What is the range of art to modern people that they can allow? There is no boundary line in the art. As you can see through couple examples, there are some art works that you can hardly tell that this is art. Such as, classical painting on the canvas, on his Oak-Tree work, Michael Craig- Martin puts glass cup fill with water on the table for wash stands and he says this is Oak tree and even more, some people says cutting animal in the formaldehyde solution tank is art too. Only question is that the public can accept these kinds of works as an art in this era.

With invention of perspective in the Renaissance, there are big differences between previous Renaissance age and after Renaissance age in painting. Like this, not only in our living history, but also include science, math and all the studies spread to the art, and these things are able to extend the way of expression. If I remind me that I did communication art work 25 years ago, I use cell phone which is going to be an important machine as in communication method in 21th century, as an object. I was really hard to imagine or make it merger two things which are cell phone and method of traditional painting. In other words, using cell phone as an object and put traditional painting technique was hard to imagine. As I mention before, Nam June Pail’s art work is even more spectacular. With advancement of science and technology, there is great invention television appears, and now television turns to daily necessity. Nam June Pail tries to put two things together. Television which one of best matter that reflects our lives, use as a canvas and work with visual image and creative new art field as video art. The reason this can be possible is that the way of art expression is pretty much coexistence with our life history include scientific technique.

             If scientific technique contributes diversity of art expression, the human’s life and its reward philosophy contribute that extend art’s fundamental boundary line big imagination that art can express. The entire thing that people create come from just one mind, art work is not different. The place where we live, they dress what we wear, and furthermore make efforts day and night and experience of life, all those things can be a media and turns to art works. In other words, if there is thinking, the range of creation does not limit and the ranges of art expressions are unlimited.

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