The curious incident of the dog in the night

The curious incident of the dog in the night

There are many types of communication in various meanings in the world. To be specific, there is verbal or invisible communication. In addition, taking a closer look at communication makes one think about direction of communication. Among them, communication is shared by performed through the medium named stage conveying the message to audiences through contents on the medium, the stage. This type of communication does have a different direction from bilateral communication that is the most frequently type of communication. To be particular, it represents a unilateral communication that performers convey the information to audiences. Of course, it is regarded as a bilateral communication in a sense that audiences enjoying the performance receive the message and feel something out of it. However, what audiences feel on the performance is more of sympathy but not a direct communication of information on how they feel to performers. Therefore, it is regarded as a different type of communication from discourse or discussion that people are familiar with. 

Performance named ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night’ includes the characteristics of the communication of performance and is also of an attempt of showing how the expression mode could be different as the technology was developed in the field of stage performance of art. 

The entire stage is a digital screen that the performance consists of acting including the signals. In this performance, many of the simplest but powerful electronic symbols serving as a role of expressing the meaning are shown. In addition, as for a tool of expressing thoughts of main characters, an expression mode for how a third party actor reads a diary of main characters in the perspective of a third person is selected. Hereupon, the stage is made by digital screen with real acting as a reality and a third party actor as a thought of main character and is hence not different from expression mode in computer Internet or communication in the use of mobile phone as a digitalized communication these days. 

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