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Science museum – information age

science museum – information age


The art is a tool, express communication between artists and viewers, also place for a communication. These days, the most popular interpersonal communication tools is mobile phone that realize personal mobile telecommunication. The mobile phone already more than just communication, as a name of convergence, mobile phone absorb MP3, internet, and pretty much all the field, like a black hole and running ahead in order to be an all purpose tool. Then, what is mobile phone for human being in the age of mobile phone and the age of digital convergence with mobile phone. Does human being communicate each other more than past? And is this real communication to human being and make them happy?

Human communication outdo animal communication, just simple communication functions, people can express themselves and moreover have social communication functions that understand people. Therefore, material civilization and individualism spread widely, modern people notice more and more about network and importance of communication. In less than 30 years, interindividual communication develop very rapidly and come into wide use. And also advanced skill spread widely, finally come into mobile revolution. That make people believe and think optimistically that cell phone solve these kinds of problems. Actually, cell phone with PC(Personal Computer) functions is now in charge both global telecommunication and global network(internet). However people still appeal loneliness, be alienated, and cut off. With well developed internet and cell phone, modern society achieve glottalization, however the communication between people and people go backward.

me true, because of negligence of a place for communication. Therefore, the true meaning of communication and network does not come out.(Artist and viewers can meet in art museum with art gallery as a tools)

The best way that people can communicate, but the worst way that they cut true communication between people, how can people overcome the contradiction of mobile communication.

             The way, people solve the contradiction problems are that mobile communication has to be not only just deliver voice communication tools but also formate of sympathy and deliver true communication in a place for communication. A place for communication is where you can identify existence myself and other people with communicate face to face. In other words, this is the place for both meeting and communication for the human who is social animal. However, now days, only communication tools are developed well, that is why the meeting does not co