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Alejandro Guijarro

Alejandro Guijarro

The photographer named Alejandro Guijarro performing in London in England and Madrid has made boards at universities such as Cambridge, Stanford, Berkeley, and Oxford for 3 years. 

The work is named as momentum, and what were recorded were boards at the class of quantum mechanics. When confronting difficult works, it is usually understandable when seeing the solution work. However, most of the works had unidentifiable equation expression or the meaning of symbol written on the board. In fact, it is difficult for even experts to understand all the images written on the board at the moment of class. It might be only professor and students that were there when the board was created who could find the meaning of what was written on the board.

Quantum mechanics is one of the fundamental fields of modern physics and is a theory explaining the minute aspects in the universe. In the microscopic world, light and electron are regarded as a particle. Even if the board is regarded as a separate work in the context of class or academia, what attracts people is an impression on intelligence of humankind for how they have created a theory in imagining the world written on the board and explaining them. 

This is one way of communication. 

Among various conditions of communication, what attracts each other, in other words; what understands and shares with each other is most likely related to special medium as much as fine artists communicate with audiences through the work as a medium.