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The medium is the massage.

The medium is the massage.

 As for the study on mass media such as TV, the most familiar book to the public is <Understanding Media> by Mashall Mcluhan. Mcluhan took a perspective that new environment was to be socially created when technology was developed. All the cultures rely on technical features of dominating media in the relevant era. Seeing as how features of dominant and major media in each era regulate the culture, in other words, message, he insisted that ‘media is the message.’ It is that a medium such as TV is not a mere tool for conveying the message, but a medium serves as a distinct role of message. It warns how humans do not simply watch TV but, TV dominates the awareness of humans. This is relevant to a phenomenon of how ‘putting the cart before the horse.’ Seen in this perspective, medium is not a specific target but an expended existence of humans and also serves as a role of regulating the individual awareness and social relationship at the same time. He insisted that media served as a role of massaging a particular area of human brain deriving them to come up with specific way of thinking and behavioral patterns.

TV is still exerting an influential power on daily lives of people in modern era even though Internet is currently serving as an important role of conveying information in the informatized society. Most of the information on portal site, a gateway to access to Internet, is provided by previous media such as TV or newspaper. Hairstyle or clothes of celebrities on TV tend to make a national vogue within several weeks. People tend to regard reports from TV news as a truth without doubt. TV drama beloved by the public create ups and downs in the emotion of housewives.   

Dallas Smyth more actively criticized on TV through ‘Audience Commodity.’ He focused on analysis for problems of TV advertisements insisting that ‘publisher sold books to audiences, TV broadcasting network sold audiences to advertisers.’ What does this mean? How audiences become an item sold out to advertiser?

Major profits in TV are from advertisement. Advertisement expense is completely determined in proportion with ratings. Therefore, broadcasting network is in continuous competition for ratings to produce more of profits. Broadcasting network creates programs with higher ratings and receives expense advertisement fees by using them. Seen in this perspective, it is said that audiences are sold out to advertisers.

However, it requires much more than higher ratings. In the perspective of advertiser, economic status of audiences as well as ratings in the program is important. For example, advertising luxury cars fails if major target of audiences for the program are working classes. Therefore, TV broadcasting network plans and airs programs that groups of audience with economic power in social status higher than working classes most likely watch. This is why main characters in the drama are involved in a professional career such as doctor, professor, or designer, or entrepreneurs. In addition, it is related to preference of working classes as to why apartments larger than 40py or expensive antique furniture shown as a prop are used as a background of drama.      

According to Mcluhan, audiences are not a passive item but an existence working for advertisers to have what they want to purchase. Audiences pioneer the consumables and service market to be provided to them. They serve as a role of actively advertising the relevant items when people wear a certain type of clothes or ride on vehicles. For example, certain textbooks used at preparatory academy made the greatest hit since the size of them was too large to be carried in a bag. What was it? Since they were too big to be put in a bag requiring a student to carry it in hands, it is relevant to where students become a moving advertisement sign walking around the street at that time. 

As pointed by them, TV might serve as a role of making humans as a consuming machine without critical mind over enriched amount of spirit or artistic impression. Without having them notified how they became an item sold out to advertiser, they were in a delusion as if they selected programs and enjoyed leisure in a certain way. As a result, humans might be collectively trained to have a non-critical and system-maintaining preference without building critical perspective on society.   

Yeondoo Jung

Yeondoo Jung – Crayon-pop special 2014 Performence


 Yeondoo Jung

There is a five-member idol girl group named ‘Crayon-Pop’ in Korea. This idol group performs with unfashionable dress singing for comic songs and ended up gaining much fame by the fans unlike most of other idol girl groups performing with professional and high level group dance wearing sexy or beautiful clothes in Korea. 

Time Magazine in America mentioned Crayon-Pop as a K-pop group with many of old fans and focused on dealing with ‘old pop fans’ aged between 30s and 50s. Original text from Time Magazine released an article saying that ‘old fans’ of aged male group were increasing on K-pop singer performance that teenagers most likely preferred to watch. In addition, it explained in a quote from Steven Knight, a 47-year-old big fan of K-pop in America, “Old fans of K-pop tend to like groups pursuing the fun over sexy image.”

With a theme of a girl group “Crayon-Pop,” Yeondoo Jung making his name as an international media artist through images, videos, and performance in boundless fiction and reality had “old pop fans” of Crayon-Pop as a theme of art. At this time, people wondered whether it was an art.   

When regarding artistic works as what deals with current cultural phenomena, it might be a bit easier to approach in a perspective of autoethnography. Vogue tends to emerge and disappear at any period of time. In other words, trend in the contemporary era is the characteristics of the relevant time period. Popularity of this idol group beloved by regular old fans aged from 30 to 40 in a perspective of observer provides a hope to those that are not pretty, tall, sophisticated, or outstanding making them realize how it was feasible for “ordinary people leading their lives and earning money in a lonely life to gain game” in a keen competition shown today as a phenomenon of vicarious satisfaction. In addition, the fact that stage installed work is of a performance showing skills makes it feasible for performers to communicate with audiences directly through medium named stage. Therefore, stage installation can be an art piece.

De Waal

De Waal

De Waal has spoken about the influence of music on his work, for example in 2010 on the Radio 3 programme Private Passions.[16]In another interview about music that inspires him in his work, he has described how “you can get yourself into the loops of music… I did a huge porcelain wall – 500 porcelain vessels – and there are rhythms in that wall that completely come out of baroque music. More recently there’s installations where things are in very minimalist, black lead-lined boxes, 12 of them in a row with the same number of vessels in each but they’re arranged in different ways. That’s the porcelain equivalent of Steve Reich‘s systems music! It’s the same notes and the same tones repeated and just slightly different each time and it only makes sense if you’ve got all of it.

De Wall is an artist expressing the rhythm of music, in other words, feeling from sound as an object as shown in the introduction of artists. Sound is to hear, and feeling from it is a thought in human brain. Seen in this perspective, it is surprising to see how they can be expressed in simple black color. What I have always been thinking with a theme of ‘communication’ work was to how a course of making the sound in verbal communication providing response to others by resonating the sound followed by having it back to original speaker in a visual form. Works by De Waal showed the fixed idea of my materials that were originally intended to express what was not visible in a simplified form and to express the image of sound as an image or drawing in the use of digital system in a unique and new method of using ceramic installation. Hereupon, they inspired me to make an attempt on other types of work.


Steve Reich


His innovations include using tape loopsto create phasingpatterns (for example, his early compositions It’s Gonna Rainand Come Out), and the use of simple, audible processes to explore musical concepts (for instance, Pendulum Musicand Four Organs). These compositions, marked by their use of repetitive figures, slow harmonic rhythm and canons, have significantly influenced contemporary music, especially in the US. Reich’s work took on a darker character in the 1980s with the introduction of historical themes as well as themes from his Jewish heritage, notably the Grammy Award-winning Different Trains.



How to use brain? = How to communicate,using brain?

<Lucy> is a movie inquiring about the existence of humans. In some sense, life is regarded to go towards the death as soon as it is created. What matters to such a life in existence?

As you become aware of death as an individual who is capable of raising the question, “Where am I from?” What would be your answer to the question as a human? That may include your bucket list.  In other words, against the situation of “To be or not to be?” we become thoughtful to distinguish what kinds of things we have to do first and what are the most important ones? We establish a plan to fulfill the list. Does the list include extraordinary ones you wished to have in your life such as hosting a fancy party or eating special food or visiting tourist attraction? I don’t think so. You may want to deliver a message as the last communication with your family, friends, and related persons that have established a relationship with you in a way or another based on your routine perspectives of life. Confronting death, everybody wants to have a feeling of being alive, checking his/her position in the society repeatedly. Moreover, they become desperate to grasp the amount of time before death while trying to communicate with others to confirm the values of their lives. In conclusion, people want to transform the fear of death into the feeling of being alive.

Marina Abramović Presents New Work Investigating Brainwave Synchronization

Marina Abramović Presents New Work Investigating Brainwave Synchronization

Another research of communication

I have concentrated on the communication since it is my lifetime task. I have exerted and will do my bests to express this abstract and universal word. Watching another project of Marina Abramović, I am encouraged to express the communication into my work.

Measuring Magic of Mutual Gazethe

In this performance art, the brainwaves of audiences in front of her were measured like an experiment, focusing on emotional response rather than physical interaction. The audiences in New York said their experiences were overwhelmed by emotion just like hypnotism.

According to ‘The Garage,’ it was intended to study magic scientifically by collecting data.

The performance revealed the stimulation of brain parts while people making eye contact one another. In the performance art, Marina Abramović eliminated the boundary between science and the art, wearing doctor’s gown and lab clothes. Jer Thorp and Aaron Koblin, reputed data artists, considered to transform these brainwave data into an interactive data visual work. However, for my work with theme of communication, these data are applied through analogue art technique in combination with digital medium to show the theme of communication in an elegance way.Measuring Magic of Mutual Gazethe

Being motivated by the work, I would like to try a direct communication not in expressing simple figure but to maximize the message through visual effects. For example, a performance combining the media art and drawing technique can deliver a message to the audiences to facilitate the communication with sympathy. In such way, the media can embrace artistic imagination while the art can widen its passage of communication, so the theme of communication can be expressed effectively once it is portrayed not by a single field but in combination of both art and media. I want to establish the foundation of my work on the old concept of the art, ‘Pictorialization Reappearance’ while adopting diverse media.

I desire to express comprehensive and timely “Communication.”

Marina Abramović e Ulay – MoMA 2010

YouTube Preview Image

Marina Abramović e Ulay – MoMA 2010

 Marina Abramović prepared a space called “A Place for Communication” at 2010 MoMA Project and exhibited a performance art. Many people remember the moving scene that she met her Muse as the partner she loved most in the performance. She encountered him after 22 years of separation at an unexpected place, and they made eye contact for one minute not speaking a word. The performance was the most effective communication that cannot be calculated mathematically.

 Let’s immerse into the performance. As the representative performance artist in the artistic world, Marina Abramović repeated a performance exchanging eye contacts with strangers for a minute at her performance titled ‘The Artist Is Present,’ the largest art exhibition in the history of MoMA. Many audiences happened to be in tears while making eye contact with her. In the near the end of the performance, she was in tears suddenly after making calm eye contacts with hundreds of audiences. Someone made her shed tears. Who was it? The man was Ulay who was her lover in 1970s and her partner organized and performed in a performance group named “the other” together with her. They separated after walking toward each other from the both ends of the Great Wall of China until they met at the middle of the way and hugged one another. After 22 years since the moment, they watched each other for a minute without speaking. The moment may be silent to others, but they made communication exchanging eye contacts. Her tears had such implication.

It shows what communication is. Life is given only once to everyone, and you creates your own story using the single chance by interacting with surroundings as a member of the society. In the story, you establish a connection to someone, and the threads of connections are used to produce a woven fabric as the full story of life.

Sound Signal

 Sound Signal

 Through several exhibition based on theme of communication, I can realise sense of sound is most important factor to attract audiences, especially my artwork case. Of course, I used  try to create sound installation with sound sensor machine. However,  I would like to represent sound with pictorial way. As usual, I reserch signal about sound and further formula based on my idea ,communication between creatures is constituted with sound, signal, gesture and language even feeling.