Yeondoo Jung

Yeondoo Jung – Crayon-pop special 2014 Performence


 Yeondoo Jung

There is a five-member idol girl group named ‘Crayon-Pop’ in Korea. This idol group performs with unfashionable dress singing for comic songs and ended up gaining much fame by the fans unlike most of other idol girl groups performing with professional and high level group dance wearing sexy or beautiful clothes in Korea. 

Time Magazine in America mentioned Crayon-Pop as a K-pop group with many of old fans and focused on dealing with ‘old pop fans’ aged between 30s and 50s. Original text from Time Magazine released an article saying that ‘old fans’ of aged male group were increasing on K-pop singer performance that teenagers most likely preferred to watch. In addition, it explained in a quote from Steven Knight, a 47-year-old big fan of K-pop in America, “Old fans of K-pop tend to like groups pursuing the fun over sexy image.”

With a theme of a girl group “Crayon-Pop,” Yeondoo Jung making his name as an international media artist through images, videos, and performance in boundless fiction and reality had “old pop fans” of Crayon-Pop as a theme of art. At this time, people wondered whether it was an art.   

When regarding artistic works as what deals with current cultural phenomena, it might be a bit easier to approach in a perspective of autoethnography. Vogue tends to emerge and disappear at any period of time. In other words, trend in the contemporary era is the characteristics of the relevant time period. Popularity of this idol group beloved by regular old fans aged from 30 to 40 in a perspective of observer provides a hope to those that are not pretty, tall, sophisticated, or outstanding making them realize how it was feasible for “ordinary people leading their lives and earning money in a lonely life to gain game” in a keen competition shown today as a phenomenon of vicarious satisfaction. In addition, the fact that stage installed work is of a performance showing skills makes it feasible for performers to communicate with audiences directly through medium named stage. Therefore, stage installation can be an art piece.

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