Marina Abramović e Ulay – MoMA 2010

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Marina Abramović e Ulay – MoMA 2010

 Marina Abramović prepared a space called “A Place for Communication” at 2010 MoMA Project and exhibited a performance art. Many people remember the moving scene that she met her Muse as the partner she loved most in the performance. She encountered him after 22 years of separation at an unexpected place, and they made eye contact for one minute not speaking a word. The performance was the most effective communication that cannot be calculated mathematically.

 Let’s immerse into the performance. As the representative performance artist in the artistic world, Marina Abramović repeated a performance exchanging eye contacts with strangers for a minute at her performance titled ‘The Artist Is Present,’ the largest art exhibition in the history of MoMA. Many audiences happened to be in tears while making eye contact with her. In the near the end of the performance, she was in tears suddenly after making calm eye contacts with hundreds of audiences. Someone made her shed tears. Who was it? The man was Ulay who was her lover in 1970s and her partner organized and performed in a performance group named “the other” together with her. They separated after walking toward each other from the both ends of the Great Wall of China until they met at the middle of the way and hugged one another. After 22 years since the moment, they watched each other for a minute without speaking. The moment may be silent to others, but they made communication exchanging eye contacts. Her tears had such implication.

It shows what communication is. Life is given only once to everyone, and you creates your own story using the single chance by interacting with surroundings as a member of the society. In the story, you establish a connection to someone, and the threads of connections are used to produce a woven fabric as the full story of life.

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