Marina Abramović Presents New Work Investigating Brainwave Synchronization

Marina Abramović Presents New Work Investigating Brainwave Synchronization

Another research of communication

I have concentrated on the communication since it is my lifetime task. I have exerted and will do my bests to express this abstract and universal word. Watching another project of Marina Abramović, I am encouraged to express the communication into my work.

Measuring Magic of Mutual Gazethe

In this performance art, the brainwaves of audiences in front of her were measured like an experiment, focusing on emotional response rather than physical interaction. The audiences in New York said their experiences were overwhelmed by emotion just like hypnotism.

According to ‘The Garage,’ it was intended to study magic scientifically by collecting data.

The performance revealed the stimulation of brain parts while people making eye contact one another. In the performance art, Marina Abramović eliminated the boundary between science and the art, wearing doctor’s gown and lab clothes. Jer Thorp and Aaron Koblin, reputed data artists, considered to transform these brainwave data into an interactive data visual work. However, for my work with theme of communication, these data are applied through analogue art technique in combination with digital medium to show the theme of communication in an elegance way.Measuring Magic of Mutual Gazethe

Being motivated by the work, I would like to try a direct communication not in expressing simple figure but to maximize the message through visual effects. For example, a performance combining the media art and drawing technique can deliver a message to the audiences to facilitate the communication with sympathy. In such way, the media can embrace artistic imagination while the art can widen its passage of communication, so the theme of communication can be expressed effectively once it is portrayed not by a single field but in combination of both art and media. I want to establish the foundation of my work on the old concept of the art, ‘Pictorialization Reappearance’ while adopting diverse media.

I desire to express comprehensive and timely “Communication.”

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