How to use brain? = How to communicate,using brain?

<Lucy> is a movie inquiring about the existence of humans. In some sense, life is regarded to go towards the death as soon as it is created. What matters to such a life in existence?

As you become aware of death as an individual who is capable of raising the question, “Where am I from?” What would be your answer to the question as a human? That may include your bucket list.  In other words, against the situation of “To be or not to be?” we become thoughtful to distinguish what kinds of things we have to do first and what are the most important ones? We establish a plan to fulfill the list. Does the list include extraordinary ones you wished to have in your life such as hosting a fancy party or eating special food or visiting tourist attraction? I don’t think so. You may want to deliver a message as the last communication with your family, friends, and related persons that have established a relationship with you in a way or another based on your routine perspectives of life. Confronting death, everybody wants to have a feeling of being alive, checking his/her position in the society repeatedly. Moreover, they become desperate to grasp the amount of time before death while trying to communicate with others to confirm the values of their lives. In conclusion, people want to transform the fear of death into the feeling of being alive.

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