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Why my topic is mobile communication?

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Why my topic is mobile communication?

When I was student, the computer communication does not develop well, the only way that I was able to communicate with people who is in other area with me in real time is telephone in my house. I was scolded by my parents for telephone, because telephone rang dozes of times everyday. In 1998, I got PCS(Personal Communication System) first. I can communicate with my friends, anywhere, anytime that I want to. I was so happy to get personal communication system and that lead me I can not live without mobile phone.

             The good thing that I have mobile phone is that I can communicate with more people and effectively, because everybody has mobile phone that people can talk and communicate with anybody at anytime and anywhere, so they can save a lot of time. However, the bad thing for mobile phone is that when I really want to talk serious story, I can really tell my story though the mobile phone, I need to meet them and talk face to face.

             About that time, one Korean mobile communication company commercial copy catch my eyes. You can turn your mobile phone off for a moments. At that time was the age of mobilephone as a necessity and everybody cry out about importance of communication. How come this kinds of commercial copy come out? In my opinion, because of mobile phones efficiency, simultaneity and anonymity, the advantage of aesthetics of slow and process are disappeared, and the communion with smile, body language and skinship are gone neither, so the warm humanism, the real goal, true goal of communication decline. Therefore, the meaning of copy is, when you need real communion with people, you have to know that mobile phone is not the right one, so do not use it, however in normal cause use their communication service. That was irony commercial.

Think about nowadays mobile communication include social network services like Facebook,Instagram  

          Even though that kinds of social network  programs are developed, people still appeal loneliness, be alienated, and cut off. With well developed internet and mobile phone, modern society achieve globalization, however the communication between people and people go backward.

The best way that people can communicate, but the worst way that they cut true communication between people, how can people overcome the contradiction of mobile communication.

 How can we make mobile communication as a place for true communication that realize humanism and in the future, what kinds of device and phenomenons come out and develope or un develop the communication?