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Why my topic is mobile communication?

Dongeun Lee_Lack of revolution_Photo with Photoshop

Why my topic is mobile communication?

When I was student, the computer communication does not develop well, the only way that I was able to communicate with people who is in other area with me in real time is telephone in my house. I was scolded by my parents for telephone, because telephone rang dozes of times everyday. In 1998, I got PCS(Personal Communication System) first. I can communicate with my friends, anywhere, anytime that I want to. I was so happy to get personal communication system and that lead me I can not live without mobile phone.

             The good thing that I have mobile phone is that I can communicate with more people and effectively, because everybody has mobile phone that people can talk and communicate with anybody at anytime and anywhere, so they can save a lot of time. However, the bad thing for mobile phone is that when I really want to talk serious story, I can really tell my story though the mobile phone, I need to meet them and talk face to face.

             About that time, one Korean mobile communication company commercial copy catch my eyes. You can turn your mobile phone off for a moments. At that time was the age of mobilephone as a necessity and everybody cry out about importance of communication. How come this kinds of commercial copy come out? In my opinion, because of mobile phones efficiency, simultaneity and anonymity, the advantage of aesthetics of slow and process are disappeared, and the communion with smile, body language and skinship are gone neither, so the warm humanism, the real goal, true goal of communication decline. Therefore, the meaning of copy is, when you need real communion with people, you have to know that mobile phone is not the right one, so do not use it, however in normal cause use their communication service. That was irony commercial.

Think about nowadays mobile communication include social network services like Facebook,Instagram  

          Even though that kinds of social network  programs are developed, people still appeal loneliness, be alienated, and cut off. With well developed internet and mobile phone, modern society achieve globalization, however the communication between people and people go backward.

The best way that people can communicate, but the worst way that they cut true communication between people, how can people overcome the contradiction of mobile communication.

 How can we make mobile communication as a place for true communication that realize humanism and in the future, what kinds of device and phenomenons come out and develope or un develop the communication?

Communication:communication like fabric


communication like fabric

The media art and drawing technique can deliver a message to the audiences to facilitate the communication with sympathy. In such way, the media can embrace artistic imagination while the art can widen its passage of communication, so the theme of communication can be expressed effectively once it is portrayed not by a single field but in combination of both art and media. I want to establish the foundation of my work on the old concept of the art, ‘Pictorialization Reappearance’ while adopting diverse media.

My art work shows what “communication” is. Life is given only once to everyone, and you creates your own story using the single chance by interacting with surroundings as a member of the society. In the story, you establish a connection to someone, and the threads of connections are used to produce a woven fabric as the full story of life.

Each tiny episode is combined to be the behind story of us. Cherished relationship and memories are stored in us, and they will be shared again when retrieved from our archive later on. They become a real communication among us. They will provide us different experience than simple conversation with strangers or about immature stories. An artificial behavior may be produced with special efforts. Every conversation among people will be evaluated for its value that becomes parts of a large scale story like a woven fabric with the artificial ones. The time of death may be interpreted as the completion of the fabric of life story, and you can complete the story of your life through communication of the fabric with others.

Lack of communication

Lack of communication

During my college year, I had a lot of fun things, above all, I would say the one of the most valuable and precious thing was tutorial time. Through this time, most of students included me, could learn and ask any questions to them during their art works and tutors gave us counsel and suggestion of direction at the same time. Moreover, they gave us information about students did not recognize. When I had fist tutorial, I got suggestion about association and possibility between my career works and Duchamp‘s works which completed ready-made concept. Because of tutorial, I was convinced about my significant college life. At my second tutorial, tutor told me that I should study about Karen Killimnik. While I studied her works, I was so pleasure that I almost cry out.

Finally, I can create my own art work affected from these artists with communication subject as a new “communication series # 3”.

The first art work is first impression about London Where I am going to study during 3 years is excited from my viewing land mark of London, high spirited with cosmopolitan life and lonely from particular weather of London, by which I felt chaos and subtlety. I depicted my mind which could not be established in London yet but still float on the atmosphere of London with view as an international student. I created my art work through luggage, from which I have opportunity to communicate with London as a media like canvas. Luggage is not just object but a vehicle through which I can connect to London and my alter ego contained my life story.

The second art work is door of communication. Compassionate communication skills can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Express concerns openly and honestly in a way that invites understanding instead of defensiveness. Develop empathetic understanding of others without compromising your own values. Even in situations of long-standing conflict or hostility, our communication process can open new doors to understanding and partnership.

When people are in conversation with each other not only speak with sound but also gaze eyes. Sometimes, even though between two persons talk about the same subject, someone lead the dialogue as a higher vantage position in perspective, and another person become a good listener with posture of heart by reducing.

Through main two art pieces with many exercise drawing, I can develop the range of my main subject, communication and would like to try to express these communication with not only just like now days painting techniques but also performance, installation, and image using digital technology. With these my attempt and new way to express my feelings, I create the third art work.

The third art work is “absence or lack of communication”, which expresses negative side of communication between creature and another creature. In other words, I show that people lives in trapped in the framework of communication and meaningless communication, these days, creating situation that having problems with different or distorted understanding as if the broken mirror cannot reflect object clearly when people try to communicate each other at the small stage frame. I express distance with difference of size of shape of human and with that he maximizes my topic “absence or lack of communication”.

Interesting point in this art work is that I try to install moving technology system which attracts for audiences to be able to feel curiosity with sound sensor when audiences make some sound.

Moreover, based on creating of performance and installation art field like Karne Kilimnik’s art work, I create small 3D space like performance stage with different two kinds of moving image as the same subject series. One is Morse signal (communication -.-. — — — ..- -. .. -.-. .- – .. — -.) designed as a key which means communication is the Key factor in human social life. And the other is world map combined with one white line designed as a USIM: universal subscriber identity module card that is installed in every different mobile phone, identifying every different person own self, which means all of world where different people live is connected with each other through modern communication system, mobile phone.

Han River Project

Han River Project (3’26’’)

Han River Project

   Han River Project Public information image at Han River’s civic group

           <Image Project>

Director : Dong-Eun LEE

Name of Project :Change of writing in Chinese characters in Han river

Run time : About 3 minutes

Use : Opening image for discussion seminar

Purpose of project : With image, it can be a very effective way for the opening of discussion seminar. This seminar is about movement that change the symbol of Korean national identity Han river’s orthography to 漢江 → 韓江

Way of image production : Suggest rights for change 漢江 to 韓江 and in order to look back our national indemnity, emphasize the Korean historical side.

Content :

1. 漢城 → 首, 漢江 → 韓江

-Change Han Sung to Seoul, Changing and rewriting Han river to Han(韓) river represent the rights.


2. Are we the Korean race or the Chinese minority races among the more than 50 races?

Why do we still use Han river as a 漢江, even Han river was an living base after the period of the three states?

-Questionize and then conclude(covey the strong meaning with sound effect and caption)


3. Han river is our living base after the period of three states

* Cultual side: Apgujeoung, to Han nam through beautiful Han river, there are lots of works

– Image documenting about Korean poem of old artiest and Han river

* Economic sid : After the period of three states, Han river provide the economic development with water traffic

– Image of historic material date of Han river water traffic

* Historical side: As all world new cultual stats near the big river, our national history which is the period of the three states stats near the Han river. Every past countries’s raise and fall was depends on the area of Han river and inform the importance of Han river and historical meaning

– Show the view of Han river from past to now.


4. Even South Korea is in a Chines cultural are, Korea create the best letter Han Gul in the world. like this, with our spirit and root, Korea has to re-order the way of write Han River and fix Korean’s wrong history(Korea is the part of chinese).

– Conclusion : Image filming about move the Turtle ship from Icheon prot to Tongyeoung at November 9th. (Re open the ship’s course from Han river to the western sea course in 50 years)


5. 漢江 → 韓江

– Maximize the conclusion with sound effect and caption

Projecting the Future

Projecting the Future (4’25’’)

Projecting the Future

Produce thesis image at Ewha Women’s Art and design graduated School, “Projecting the future”

When you rub liquid form latex which is harmless to humans on your body about 15minutes, clothes that you could see body line as it is made.

The clothes with special quality of material and use for 15 minutes could absorb and reflect the lights. These clothes are like future clothes that we could see and imagine in SF movie. This is the theme of this image.

Also not only participate in image work but also paint work because I could paint personally before the liquid condition latex clothes change to clothes.

The Springtime of Daddy & 42.195…

The Springtime of Daddy and 42.195

The Springtime of Daddy (7’27’’)

Produce and direct an image picture at Duk Won Subscription valor season, part of Korean creation valor (Big Theater at Seoul Education Cultural center).

This is an image of Korean traditional one’s original dance performance. Theme is father’s who is a leader of family heavy and hard mind in IMF time at 1997.

This is one part of image use total 15 minutes in performance,


Produce and direct an image picture at Duk Won Subscription valor season, part of Korean creation valor (KBS Hall, Seoul)

This is an image of Korean traditional one’s original dance performance. Here is a theme. In 1936 11th Olympic Games in Berlin Germany, when South Korea was colony of Japan, even marathon player whose name is Ki Jung Son got fist gold medal and gave hope to all Korean people, he had to lower his head when he won the gold medal because on his heart there were Japanese flag instead of Korean flag.

This image is one part of performance that filming live for 15minutes.