Alejandro Guijarro

Alejandro Guijarro

The photographer named Alejandro Guijarro performing in London in England and Madrid has made boards at universities such as Cambridge, Stanford, Berkeley, and Oxford for 3 years. 

The work is named as momentum, and what were recorded were boards at the class of quantum mechanics. When confronting difficult works, it is usually understandable when seeing the solution work. However, most of the works had unidentifiable equation expression or the meaning of symbol written on the board. In fact, it is difficult for even experts to understand all the images written on the board at the moment of class. It might be only professor and students that were there when the board was created who could find the meaning of what was written on the board.

Quantum mechanics is one of the fundamental fields of modern physics and is a theory explaining the minute aspects in the universe. In the microscopic world, light and electron are regarded as a particle. Even if the board is regarded as a separate work in the context of class or academia, what attracts people is an impression on intelligence of humankind for how they have created a theory in imagining the world written on the board and explaining them. 

This is one way of communication. 

Among various conditions of communication, what attracts each other, in other words; what understands and shares with each other is most likely related to special medium as much as fine artists communicate with audiences through the work as a medium.  


Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum

Body discourse has been emphasized by modern thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, G. Marcel, M. Merleau-Ponty, Michel Foucault, and Gilles Deleuze after the thinker in the 18th century named Giambattista Vico that emphasized the body politics as cogito equation of Descartes was decisively opposed. Especially, realization of body in the socially unstable era including World War I and II was noticeably artistically worth considering. 

There are many of artists showing an interest in fine art history in the 20th century. 

Among them, female artist named Mona Hatoum born in Israel performing in England attempted many times to work on local difference that understood the political and gender disparity in a different way through a medium of physical body. 

I was more impressed by connectivity with communication as a theme on my work more than surprised by the preposterous work style of her. Reflecting the meaning of real communication, it was feasible to consider the communication between two organisms as well as them being together. At this time, if regarding two organisms as a human being, the medium of communication between speaker and listener is of the physical body.  

People’s bodies become the medium as to how they can co-exist with other creatures in which space and also for communication that can express verbal or body language.

In this sense, it is quite sensational for her work to express the body as a communication tool, in other words, the medium or art piece.  

Science museum – information age

science museum – information age

The art is a tool, express communication between artists and viewers, also place for a communication. These days, the most popular interpersonal communication tools is mobile phone that realize personal mobile telecommunication. The mobile phone already more than just communication, as a name of convergence, mobile phone absorb MP3, internet, and pretty much all the field, like a black hole and running ahead in order to be an all purpose tool. Then, what is mobile phone for human being in the age of mobile phone and the age of digital convergence with mobile phone. Does human being communicate each other more than past? And is this real communication to human being and make them happy?

Human communication outdo animal communication, just simple communication functions, people can express themselves and moreover have social communication functions that understand people. Therefore, material civilization and individualism spread widely, modern people notice more and more about network and importance of communication. In less than 30 years, interindividual communication develop very rapidly and come into wide use. And also advanced skill spread widely, finally come into mobile revolution. That make people believe and think optimistically that cell phone solve these kinds of problems. Actually, cell phone with PC(Personal Computer) functions is now in charge both global telecommunication and global network(internet). However people still appeal loneliness, be alienated, and cut off. With well developed internet and cell phone, modern society achieve glottalization, however the communication between people and people go backward.

me true, because of negligence of a place for communication. Therefore, the true meaning of communication and network does not come out.(Artist and viewers can meet in art museum with art gallery as a tools)

The best way that people can communicate, but the worst way that they cut true communication between people, how can people overcome the contradiction of mobile communication.

             The way, people solve the contradiction problems are that mobile communication has to be not only just deliver voice communication tools but also formate of sympathy and deliver true communication in a place for communication. A place for communication is where you can identify existence myself and other people with communicate face to face. In other words, this is the place for both meeting and communication for the human who is social animal. However, now days, only communication tools are developed well, that is why the meeting does not co

Picasso museum in Spain

Picasso museum in Spain

People including children or those without any of background knowledge in the field of fine art usually mention Picasso as the greatest artist in modern art. However, when they are asked about why Picasso is the greatest artist on his work, they provide various answers such as modern art, abstract image, or drawing that anyone can create that are not quite understandable. However, people still ask a question about what is really a modern art. This is because everyone agrees that Picasso is the father of abstract modern fine art but was suspicious at least once as to how great Picasso’s works were in the past. The internationally well-recognized fine artist Picasso born in Spain created many of fine art works during his life time. After his 20s, he had already established the concept of currently-used abstract fine art. Unlike Picasso Museum in France that still possesses almost all the works from the post-generation of Picasso, this place converted as a museum from his work place in Spain collects all the courses as to how still-life images, landscape, and figure painting people are familiar with were changed into abstract painting style. Looking closely at every stage of courses, it is feasible to identify how Picasso created the concept of abstract painting that was outstanding enough for him to be called as the father of modern art. Starting from Picasso, modern art has been developed by many of the artists. Inquiry of how to accept modern fine art is in the same context of how much to understand the modern fine art works and enjoys them in the gallery.

Culture is sometimes referred to as life styles of human being. Above all, art is one of sort of culture reflected preference that human being look for a better life. So, you can find reason in the art about desire of better life and effort of faithful to that desire. However, modern art is not confined to seek simple beauty. Here is one question. What is the range of art to modern people that they can allow? There is no boundary line in the art. As you can see through couple examples, there are some art works that you can hardly tell that this is art. Such as, classical painting on the canvas, on his Oak-Tree work, Michael Craig- Martin puts glass cup fill with water on the table for wash stands and he says this is Oak tree and even more, some people says cutting animal in the formaldehyde solution tank is art too. Only question is that the public can accept these kinds of works as an art in this era.

With invention of perspective in the Renaissance, there are big differences between previous Renaissance age and after Renaissance age in painting. Like this, not only in our living history, but also include science, math and all the studies spread to the art, and these things are able to extend the way of expression. If I remind me that I did communication art work 25 years ago, I use cell phone which is going to be an important machine as in communication method in 21th century, as an object. I was really hard to imagine or make it merger two things which are cell phone and method of traditional painting. In other words, using cell phone as an object and put traditional painting technique was hard to imagine. As I mention before, Nam June Pail’s art work is even more spectacular. With advancement of science and technology, there is great invention television appears, and now television turns to daily necessity. Nam June Pail tries to put two things together. Television which one of best matter that reflects our lives, use as a canvas and work with visual image and creative new art field as video art. The reason this can be possible is that the way of art expression is pretty much coexistence with our life history include scientific technique.

             If scientific technique contributes diversity of art expression, the human’s life and its reward philosophy contribute that extend art’s fundamental boundary line big imagination that art can express. The entire thing that people create come from just one mind, art work is not different. The place where we live, they dress what we wear, and furthermore make efforts day and night and experience of life, all those things can be a media and turns to art works. In other words, if there is thinking, the range of creation does not limit and the ranges of art expressions are unlimited.

The curious incident of the dog in the night

The curious incident of the dog in the night

There are many types of communication in various meanings in the world. To be specific, there is verbal or invisible communication. In addition, taking a closer look at communication makes one think about direction of communication. Among them, communication is shared by performed through the medium named stage conveying the message to audiences through contents on the medium, the stage. This type of communication does have a different direction from bilateral communication that is the most frequently type of communication. To be particular, it represents a unilateral communication that performers convey the information to audiences. Of course, it is regarded as a bilateral communication in a sense that audiences enjoying the performance receive the message and feel something out of it. However, what audiences feel on the performance is more of sympathy but not a direct communication of information on how they feel to performers. Therefore, it is regarded as a different type of communication from discourse or discussion that people are familiar with. 

Performance named ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night’ includes the characteristics of the communication of performance and is also of an attempt of showing how the expression mode could be different as the technology was developed in the field of stage performance of art. 

The entire stage is a digital screen that the performance consists of acting including the signals. In this performance, many of the simplest but powerful electronic symbols serving as a role of expressing the meaning are shown. In addition, as for a tool of expressing thoughts of main characters, an expression mode for how a third party actor reads a diary of main characters in the perspective of a third person is selected. Hereupon, the stage is made by digital screen with real acting as a reality and a third party actor as a thought of main character and is hence not different from expression mode in computer Internet or communication in the use of mobile phone as a digitalized communication these days. 



All history has beginning. As usual everyone, from the moment when someone was born, human being stars to make their own history. One of the most important methods in human life that can make accomplishment, carry one and maintain is communication. Then, what is communication?

Before we talk about method communication, real social meaning, and problems, we need to think about origin of communication. Means that the method for an intangible, communication can make relationship constantly between two organism. Communication can be determined as a chain that likes a combination of fine material for a long time.

The human being has lived making history with other organism in the same space and connected to each other with communication, since when the birth of Earth. As phrase from the movie Interstellar, be alive is making story between stating point that you cannot remember and the end that no one knows. Our life stars from continuous communication and lives with communication and also ends with it.

Let’s compare with communication that making something form nothing and creating organism such as could, mountains, bird and so on, from none of space suddenly comes out. In the intangible chaos can creative anything, same as communication can combine anything depending on whether you have direction. And communication is basic source of making tangible relationship of all kinds of organism like human and human, nature and human,

After all, communication is essential method in human life that can make our human life as an one organism as a various intangible method. One of representative communication method is sound and letter, something signal can be one of it.

Out communication can spread to everywhere with many kinds of methods, letters and signal, and help establishment of self, and with each ego gather can be a big human society.

TATE museum :Turner Prize 2014-Tris Vonna-Michell

YouTube Preview Image

TATE museum :Turner Prize 2014-Tris Vonna-Michell

As mentioned in the posting earlier, the theme of group project in this grade is autoethnography.

English artist named Tris Vonna-Michell (28) gained huge fame with audio-tape performance in the artist show called ‘The Generational’ held by New Museum in 2009. Here, his work slowly started with the story by Tris Vonna-Michelle with the performance with voice recorded in the field and gradually caught up with speed until it was changed into the music of coloratured stream in the repetitive flow of climax and chorus.  

His work was totally based on autoethnography. 

Temporal elements of his current life as well as his own feeling on the world were all reflected on the photo. Furthermore, showing them in slides was enough to make audience feel how it was a documentary film, and his clumsy, stuttering, fast, and also slow voice of his well-represented his current feeling. His voice and the meaning of his words become the biography of observer in the form of diary as a prerequisite. Voice-recording conducted to show his thoughts convey the most direct effect over any of document-based biography.    



There was a group project in the 2 stage student class. Each of the students represents their own theme of work, and students with common aspects in the theme are grouped together for the project studying and researching about the common theme. The theme of project I belong to became autoethnography after much trial and error. The definition of it from the dictionary is as follows. 

Autoethnography is a form of self-reflection and writing that explores the researcher’s personal experience and connects this autobiographical story to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings. It differs from ethnography —a qualitative research method in which a researcher uses participant observation and interviews in order to gain a deeper understanding of a group’s culture— in that autoethnography focuses on the writer’s subjective experience rather than, or in interaction with, the beliefs and practices of others. As a form of self-reflective writing, autoethnography is widely used in performance studies, as a method in living educational research and English.(From Wikiped)

An English anthropologist named Bronislaw Malinowski has established the autoethnography in 1915 that combined ethnography, a branch of anthropology, with the local field investigation and autobiography as a participating observation. Bronislaw is a method entering to a particular society to study for the next few years learning their language and culture and recording the data of study subject vividly on the video film or photos without biased thought after serving as a role of observers. Observers participate in the study directly that diary or autobiography recorded with their thoughts while participating in the community are left on the study materials. Furthermore, the usage of machine, camera, or recorder vividly recording the facts was a common method on the autoethnography to minimize position of observers.   

It is literally auto + ethnography. 

Based on aspect of Autoethnography, I think that these days, the most popular interpersonal communication tools is mobile phone that realize personal mobile telecommunication. The mobile phone already more than just communication, as a name of convergence, mobile phone absorb MP3, internet, and pretty much all the field, like a black hole and running ahead in order to be an all purpose tool. Then, what is mobile phone for human being in the age of mobile phone and the age of digital convergence with mobile phone. Does human being communicate each other more than past? And is this real communication to human being and make them happy?

As all roads lead to Rome, these days all roads lead to mobile phone. How can we make mobile communication as a place for true communication that realize humanism and in the future, what kinds of device and phenomenons come out and develop or un develop the communication?

Like this, I am so interested in communication between people, the human communication history, from human use body language and communicate with primitive language, to human communicate with mobile phone called Homo Mobilicus I am not going to express these communication history just like now days painting techniques. I am going to try and express the communication history with performance, installation, and image using digital technology. With these my attempt and new way to express my feelings, my finally goal and assignment is that make more place for a true communication.